Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Solar Egg can't arrive soon enough

Engadget has another great solar charger listed as arriving soon.

XPAL's Solar Egg charges to 90% in four hours of mild sunlight:

Unlike many solar devices that require an abundance of intense sunlight to be useful, XPAL's new Solar Egg does its thing even in 'medium levels of natural light.' The magic SunBoost solar conversion technology is supplied by a company called Intivation from The Netherlands, a country that's not exactly know for its tropical weather. XPAL claims that the internal 500mAh battery can be charged at over 90% capacity in just four hours of average sunlight exposure and can detect a 'wide range of devices' like MP3 players and digital cameras to provide the appropriate level of power for charging. It'll ship next month to select regions -- where that is we can only guess for now.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Micro Air Vehicles

This is a really cool video. The technology doesn't seem that far off either. It's really amazing what the military will think up to kill people =)

How the Air Force Biomorphic Micro Air Vehicles Will Spy and Kill Unnoticed [Weapons]: "
I thought the Micro Air Vehicles would be small hovering robots but, according to this video from the Air Force Research Laboratory, they will be more like robotic birds with spy and attack capabilities, capable of blending with the environment.

Not only these things would be able to position themselves to perform long-term surveillance duties, but they would be enable to engage enemies individually, attacking humans with incapacitation chemicals and even explosives. The future is going to be a lot of fun. [Design World Online]