Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love my 4GB Voyager... But it's not even half full

Corsair bringing 16GB Voyager GT flash drive to CeBIT

Posted Feb 28th 2008 6:41PM by Darren Murph
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Don't worry, you're not losing it -- yet, anyway. Corsair has indeed already launched a 16GB (and 32GB, or that matter) Voyager flash drive, but its forthcoming Voyager GT promises access speeds "up to four times faster" than standard USB 2.0 drives. Furthermore, this one comes housed in a water and shock resistant all-rubber casing, and could be entirely more appealing if that keyring slot were expanded to open bottles. Nevertheless, Corsair's hoping that you'll find enough to love to drop $169.99 after it debuts at CeBIT in just a few days.

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loatswil said...

Of course I didn't wash this one. I accidentally washed my 1GB cruzer this weekend. Amazingly it didn't damage it. I did manage to catch it before the dryer but it lived through the wash.